1. Dr.K.Madhavi,Performance Comparison of Cryptographic Algorithms for Data Security in Cloud Computing

2. Padmalaya Nayak, Deep learning-based computer aided diagnosis model for skin cancer detection and classification. Distributed and Parallel Databases, 1-20.

3. Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju, Reusable Component retrieval from a large Repository using word2vec with continuous bag of words

4. Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju, Novel Optimized reusable component repository using neural networks

5. T.Venkata Suneetha, Measuring research interest similarity among authors using community detection

6. Padmalaya Nayak,Deep vision-based surveillance system to prevent train-elephant collisions

7. Y.Vijayalatha,Machine Learning and Cloud-Based Knowledge Graphs to Recognize Suicidal Mental Tendencies

8. Neha Nandal,Pathway of Trends ad Technologies in Fall Detection: A Systematic Review

9. G.Ramesh,Secure data storage and retrieval system using Hybridization of orthogonal Knowledge swam Optimization and oblique cryptography algorithm in cloud

10. Lipika Goel,TOXGB: Teamwork Optimization Based XGBoost model for early identification of post-traumatic stress disorder

11. Lipika Goel,Psychological Analysis for Depression Detection from social networking sites

12. Ch.Mallikarjuna Rao,Mining images of high spatial resolution in agricultural environments

13. K.Madhavi,Deep vision-based surveillance system to prevent train-elephant collisions

14. Krishna Chytanya Nagaraju,Deep vision-based surveillance system to prevent train-elephant collisions

15. G.Susmitha Valli,Machine Learning and Cloud-Based Knowledge Graphs to Recognize Suicidal Mental Tendencies

16. G.Ramesh,Mining images of high spatial resolution in agricultural environments

17. Dr.K.Anuradha,Incremental text categorization based on hybrid optimization-based deep belief neural

18. Dr.V.Srilakshmi,Incremental text categorization based on hybrid optimization-based deep belief neural

19. Dr B Sankarababu,Convolutional Neural Networks Based Video Reconstruction and Computation in Digital Twins

20. Dr B Sankarababu,Heart Disease Detection Based on Feature Fusion Technique with Augmented Classification

21. Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy,Earlier detection of brain cells mutation using region based fast convolutional neural networks (RFCNN)  

22.Dr.G.Mallikarjuna Rao, Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques Detecting Black Fungus

23.Dr.G.S.Bapiraju, Design and Implementation of IOT based real time Monitoring System for safe drinking water using Arduino uno

24.Dr.G.S.Bapiraju, A Survey on Safe Drinking Water in Remote Locations using IoT Based Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring System


1. Dr.K.Anuradha, Survey analysis of Solar Power Generation Forecasting

2. Dr.K.Anuradha, Analysis Of Solar Power Generation Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques

3. Dr.P.Chandrashekhar Reddy, Survey analysis On Facial Expression

4. K.Kavitha, Query Optimization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network: A Review

5. K.Kavitha, Real Time Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK) Detection in Soil Using IoT

6. Dr.B.Sankara Babu, A Flexible Accession for Brain Tumour Detection and Classification using AI Methodologies


8. Dr.P.Chandrashekhar Reddy, Human Facial Expression Recognition Using Fusion of DRLDP and DCT Features

9. Dr.B.Sankarababu, A Flexible Accession on Brain Tumor Detection and Classification Using VGG16 Model

10. Dr.Y.Vijayalatha, Prediction of Agriculture Yields Using Machine Learning Algorithms

11. Dr.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu, Smart Bot for Handwritten Digit String Recognition

12. Dr.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu, Smart-Bot Assistant for College Information System

13. Dr.G.Charles Babu, Leveraging Machine Learning for Predicting Wildfires

14. Dr.G.Charles Babu, Early Detection of Brain Stroke using Machine Learning Techniques

15. Dr.G.Charles Babu, An Effective Technology for Secured Data Auditing for Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Biometric Method

16. Krishna Chaitanya Nagaraju, A survey on Machanisms of reusable code component retrieval from component repository

17. Dr.G.Karuna, Artificial Intelligence Based Learning Approach for Leaf Disease Identification and Detection

18. Dr.G.Karuna, Robust and Imperceptible Region Based Watermarking on Medical Images

19. Dr.G.Karuna, A Robust Watermarking Using RDWT and Slant Transform Using Hybrid Firefly and Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm

20. Srikanth Bethu, Prediction Analysis of Diabetes Using Machine Learning. Smart Computing Techniques and Applications

21. Dr.G.R.Sakthidharan, A survey on performance comparison of support vector machine, random forest, and extreme learning machine for intrusion detection

22.Dr.G.N.Beena Bethel, A Survey on Accurate Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Approach

23. G.N.Beena Bethel,Accurate Breast Cancer Detection and Classification by Machine Learning Approach

24. G.N.Beena Bethel, Impact of Bio-inspired Algorithms to Predict Heart Diseases

25. Rubeena Rustum, Customer Engagement through Social Media and Big Data Pipeline

26. G.Mallikarjuna Rao, Empathic Chatbot: Emotional Astuteness for mental health and well being

27. Dr.K.Butchi Raju, COVID-19 forecasting using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques-Survey

28. Butchi Raju,Prediction of the COVID-19 pandemic with Machine Learning Models

29. Dr. S. Govinda Rao,Stock Market Analysis & Prediction

30. A.Sai Hanuman, Survey Analysis of Robust and Real-Time Multi-Lane and Single Lane Detection in Indian Highway Scenarios

31. A.Sai Hanuman, Robust and real-time multi-lane and single lane detection in Indian highway scenarios

32. Dr.G.Karuna, Deep Neural Network Model for Proficient Crop Yield Prediction

33. Dr.G.Karuna, Convolutional and Spiking Neural Network Models for Crop Yield Forecasting

34. Dr.K.Madhavi, A survey on Cardiovascular disease for heart disease prediction

35. Dr.K.Madhavi, A Hybrid Framework for heart disease prediction using machine learning algorithms

36. Dr.Ch.Mallikarjuna Rao, Detecting Anomalous road traffic conditions using VGG19 CNN model

37. Dr.Ch.Mallikarjuna Rao, Road traffic anomaly detection using AI approach - Surveypaper

38. Dr.G.R.Sakthidaran, Outlier Detection for IoT devices in Indoor Situating Framework using Machine Learning Techniques and Comparison

39. Dr.G.R.Sakthidaran, Accurate Anomaly Detection using various Machine Learning methods for IoT devices in Indoor Environment

40. Dr.S. Govind Rao, A Study On Deep Learning And Machine Learning Techniques On Detection Of Parkinson’s Disease

41. Dr.S. Govind Rao, Machine Learning And Deep Learning Models for Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease: A Performance Analysis

42. Dr.Padmalaya Nayak, A Survey on Leukemia Detection using Image Processing Techniques

43. Dr.Padmalaya Nayak, Detection of Lymphoblastic Leukemia using VGG19 Model

44. G.Sindhuja, A survey on Cardiovascular disease for heart disease prediction

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