SCOPUS Journals

      1. Padmalaya Nayak, Deep learning-based computer aided diagnosis model for skin cancer detection and classification. Distributed and Parallel Databases, 1-20.---Download Here

     2. Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju, Reusable Component retrieval from a large Repository using word2vec with continuous bag of words---Download Here

     3. Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju, Novel Optimized reusable component repository using neural networks---Download Here

     4. T.Venkata Suneetha, Measuring research interest similarity among authors using community detection---Download Here

     5.Dr.G.Mallikarjuna Rao, Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques Detecting Black Fungus---Download Here

        SCI Journals

     1.Padmalaya Nayak,Deep vision-based surveillance system to prevent train-elephant collisions---Download Here

      2.Y.Vijayalatha,Machine Learning and Cloud-Based Knowledge Graphs to Recognize Suicidal Mental Tendencies---Download Here

      3.Neha Nandal,Pathway of Trends ad Technologies in Fall Detection: A Systematic Review---Download Here

      4. G.Ramesh,Secure data storage and retrieval system using Hybridization of orthogonal Knowledge swam Optimization and oblique cryptography algorithm in cloud---Download Here

      5. Lipika Goel,TOXGB: Teamwork Optimization Based XGBoost model for early identification of post-traumatic stress disorder---Download Here

      6. Lipika Goel,Psychological Analysis for Depression Detection from social networking sites---Download Here

      7. Ch.Mallikarjuna Rao,Mining images of high spatial resolution in agricultural environments---Download Here

      8.Karuna,G.,et al (2021) Deep learning‐based computer aided diagnosis model for skin cancer detection and classifcation---Download Here

        UGC Journals

      1. Dr.K.Madhavi,Performance Comparison of Cryptographic Algorithms for Data Security in Cloud Computing---Download Here

      2.Dr. G.S.Bapiraju,(2021), “A Survey on Safe Drinking Water in Remote Locations using IoT Based Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring System”---Download Here

      3.G.S.Bapiraju,(2021), “Design and Implementation of IOT based real time Monitoring System for safe drinking water using Arduino uno” ---Download Here


      1.K.Madhavi, B.Sindhuja,(2021),“A Survey on Cardiovascular Prediction using Variant Machine Learning”. ---Download Here

      2.Vijayalata.Y,(2022). “Prediction of Agriculture Yields Using Machine Learning Algorithms”.---Download Here

      3.P.Chandrasekhar Reddy,(2021), “Detection of Fake Profiles on Twitter using Hybrid SVM Algortihm”.---Download Here

      4.K.Kavitha, (2021), (Paper Presentation),”Query Optimization Techniques in Wireless Sensor Network: A Review,".---Download Here

      5.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu et. al.,(2022), “Smart Bot for Handwritten Digit String Recognition”---Download Here

      6.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu et. al., (2022), “Smart-Bot Assistant for College Information System”.---Download Here

      7.G.Charles Babu et. al.“Leveraging Machine Learning for Predicting Wildfires”.---Download Here

      8.G.Charles Babu et. al.“Early Detection of Brain Stroke using Machine Learning Techniques”.---Download Here

      9.G.Charles Babu et. al.“An Effective Technology for Secured Data Auditing for Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Biometric Method ”.---Download Here

      10.Krishna Chythanya Nagaraju, (2022),” A survey on Machanisms of reusable code component retrieval from component repository”.---Download Here

      11.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu et. al., (2022),” GA-ANN Frame Work for Breast Cancer Classification using NSGA-II”.---Download Here

      12.K.Butchi raju(2021),” Prediction of covid 19 pandamic with machine learning models”.---Download Here

      13.Dr.G.Karuna(2021), Artificial Intelligence Based Learning Approach for Leaf Disease Identification and Detection". ---Download Here

      14.Karuna,G.(2022). Robust and Imperceptible Region Based Watermarking on Medical Images. Intelligent system design , Advances in intelligent systems and computing Springer.---Download Here

      15.Karuna,G.(2022). A Robust Watermarking Using RDWT and Slant Transform Using Hybrid Firefly and Differential Evolution Optimization Algorithm".---Download Here

      16.Bethu,S.Charles Babu,G.Sankara Babu,B.Anusha, V. (2021). Prediction Analysis of Diabetes Using Machine Learning. Smart Computing Techniques and Applications".---Download Here

      17.V Ramya Manaswi,B Sankarababu,(2022) A Flexible Accession for Brain Tumour Detection and Classification using AI Methodologies". ---Download Here

      18.G. R. Sakthidharan et. al., "AIP Conference proceedings"A survey on performance comparison of support vecr machine, random forest, and extreme learning machine for intrusion detection.---Download Here

      19.N.Beena Bethel"A Survey on Accurate Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Machine Learning Approach".---Download Here

      20.G.N.Beena Bethel"Accurate Breast Cancer Detection and Classification by Machine Learning Approach".---Download Here

      21.Beena Bethel, G.N. (2021),," Impact of Bio-inspired Algorithms to Predict Heart Diseases", In proceedings of Smart Computing Techniques and Applications.---Download Here

      22.Kavitha, K. et. al., (2022). Real Time Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK) Detection in Soil Using IoT. In proceedings of EAIT 2021.---Download Here

      23.G.Charless Babu, Rubeen Rustum (May 2022),Customer Engagement through Social Media and Big Data Pipeline. In Proceedings of 3rd International conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks (ICIPCN-2022).---Download Here

      24.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu, et al , Empathic Chatbot: Emotional Astuteness for Mental Health Well-Being---Download Here

      25.Mallikarjuna Rao Gundavarapu, et al,Smart Framework for Black Fungus Detection using VGG 19 Deep Learning Approach.---Download Here

      26.S.Govinda Rao “ Analysis of stock exchange and future prediction using LSTM”, 4th International conference on Recent trends in computer science and technology.---Download Here

      27.K.Anuradha,G.Karuna,V.Srilakshmi,K.Adilakshmi,”Survey Analysis of Solar Power Generation Forecasting”.---Download Here

      28.K.Anuradha,G.Karuna,V.Srilakshmi,K.Adilakshmi,”Analysis Of Solar Power Generation Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques”.---Download Here

      29.K.Anuradha,V.Srilakshmi,”Adversarial Deep Learning Models With Multiple Adversaries”.---Download Here

      30.P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy,”Survey Analysis on Facial Expression”.---Download Here

      31.V Ramya Manaswi, B Sankarababu,”A Flexible Accession for Brain Tumour Detection and Classification using AI Methodologies: Survey”.---Download Here

      32.P.Chandra Sekhar Reddy,”Deep Convolutional neural network based facial expression identification using face-parsing method”.---Download Here

      33.P.Chandrasekhar Reddy, (2021), “Human Facial Expression Recognition using Fusion of DRLDP and DCT Features”.---Download Here

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