Post Graduation Programme: SE Programme Educational Objectives of SE

PEO 1: Graduates of the program will equip with a detailed knowledge of the theories, process, methods and techniques of building high-quality software system in a cost-effective manner.

PEO 2: Graduates of the program will apply proper theoretical and practical knowledge of software requirements engineering, software systems design for feasibility analysis, emerging technologies and quality practices of international Standards.

PEO 3: Graduates of the program will be effective as both an individual contributor and a member of a development team with professional, ethical and social responsibilities.

PEO 4: Graduates of the program will grow professionally through continuing education, training, or research, and adapting to the rapidly changing technological trends in software engineering.

Program Outcomes of SE
  1. Able to design experiments and think critically in evaluating the design choices made and tradeoffs considered when developing software based systems.

  2. Able to write and present the key facts, concepts, principles, and theories of software engineering.

  3. Able to demonstrate the technical trends, skills, modern tools used in the software engineering practice.

  4. Able to develop and appreciation of the cost, quality, and management issues involved in software construction.

  5. Able to conduct, evaluate and synthesize research to understand how technological advances impact society and the social, legal, ethical and cultural ramifications of software engineering practices.

  6. Able to engage in lifelong learning which enables them to be a successful software professional throughout their career.

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