UG Student Publications (2021-22)

        1.Vidyuallatha Sri T,Prof. G.Mallikarjuna RaoSmart bot assistant for college,ICAIS 2022---Download Here
        2.Vandana Yalla,Dr.Y.Vijayalata Vital role of 2D CNN in Brain Malignancy,ICMISC 2022.---Download Here
        3. H satya akash,G Sushmitha Valli Early onset identification of stomach cancer---Download Here
        4.Telugu Akila, Prof. G.Mallikarjuna Rao,Performance analysis of deep learning approaches for offline signature---Download Here
        5.Bhargavi Lella,Prof. G. Mallikarjuna Rao,Performance Analysis of Deep Learning Techniques Detecting Black,IJEAT 2022.---Download Here
        6.Banoth Kiranmai,Y.Lakshmi Prasanna,Fire and Gun Violence Based AnamolyDetection Using Deep Neural Networks.---Download Here
        7.Seetha Venkat Dinesh,Y. Lakshmi Prasanna,Fraudulent Activities Detection inE-commerce Websites.---Download Here
        8.Srinath Goud,G Sushmitha Valli,Applying_CNN_on_Lung_Images_for_ Screening_Initial_Cancer_Stages,ICAAIC.---Download Here
        9.Srineeth Kumar Ineni,Prof. G. Mallikarjuna Rao,Smart Framework for Automatic Control of Home Appliances Using IoT,International Conference on Electronic Circuits and Signalling Technologies.---Download Here
        10.Abhinav Bachu,Prof. G. Mallikarjuna Rao,Smart Agent Framework for Color Selection ofWall Paintings,Inventive Systems and Control.---Download Here
        11.D. Pravalika,Padma Vijetha Dev.B,Missing Child Identification using HOG and KNN,GRADIVA REVIEW JOURNAL.---Download Here
        12.Sai Rakesh Dontureddy,Ashlin Deepa,Drowsiness Detection Using IoT and Facial Expression,ICCICCS 2022---Download Here
        13. Pavitra Ravali A,Sowjanya Addu,Predicting Delay in Flights using Machine learning,ICAAIC 2022---Download Here
        14. Prathyusha Karlapati,Ashlin Deepa R N,An Innovative Emotion Recognition and Solution Recommendation Chatbot,ICACCS 2022---Download Here
        15. Peguda Jashwanth,Dr Y Vijayalata,Speech to Sign Language Translation for Indian Languages,ICACCS 2022.---Download Here
        16.Harish Rohan Kambhampaty,Y.Vijayalata,A Novel Deep-Learning Based Classification Of Alzheimer's Disease In Adults,DELCON 2022"---Download Here
        17.Sai Sravya Thumati,Ashlin Deepa R N,An Efficient Deep Learning Based Chatbot for GRIET"---Download Here
        18.Nikhil Billakanti,Y.Vijayalata,Early Detection of Casava Plant Leaf Diseases using EfficientNet-B0,DELCON 2022"---Download Here
        19.Vitta Niharika,P.Surekha,Hand Gesture Recognition and voice,text conversion using CNN & ANN"---Download Here
        20.Rachamalla Suraj Goud,Dr. Neha Nandal,Smart attendance monitoring system for online classes using facial recognition,ICICC 2022"---Download Here
        21.Harshitha Ayenugula,Dr K Butchi Raju,Crime Data Analysis and Prediction of Perpetrator Identity,IJSREM 2022"---Download Here
        22.T Prasanna Lakshmi,K. Abhijith Saralaya,Fingerprint Detection using CNN ---Download Here
        23.Sujan Dogiparthi,B. Lalitha,Community-Based Question Answering Site Using MVC Architecture for Rapid Web Application Development ---Download Here
        24.Snehith Varma,B.Srinivas Rao,Leaf Disease Detection and Remedy Recommendation ---Download Here

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